Whether you are receiving a package or sending it, it is very important to look for these qualities in your chosen courier service. Managers of the business or its owners always want to create a balanced and good relationship with their customers. For this very reason, courier companies maintain a certain set of qualities to make their loyal customers happy and gather more beneficial clients.
Customer service is a heavy term but what does it mean in case of courier service? A good customer service provider will make sure both ends of the courier deal have all information handy and on their fingertips. They should make sure that all expectations are met and things run smoothly without any hurdles that could affect the customers experience with them. If they care as much as you, then they have good customer service. Shiponk’s multiple courier partners are just a step away and are available of the Shiponk App.
The whole point of express courier service is fast speed that saves up your time. Select a courier service that is speedy yet takes care of your parcel well. Enquire about fast deliveries and same day deliveries if you are in a hurry. Our shipment partners vary in services but all your requirements will me met just by one click on the Shiponk app. You will also have choices!
Security of the parcel is one of the key aspects. If this quality is not present to the limit then the other qualities almost do not matter. Your parcel needs to reach its destination safely! Make sure your chosen courier service is known for non-damage deliveries. It is always better to run a background check. How can you do this on Shiponk? You can simply read the reviews on the application under the review section and run your background check.


A courier service must be professional and reliable. Instead of false promises and pretentions hey should deliver trustworthiness. On the Shiponk app find courier services, packers and movers, freight and much more who are reliable.


A tracking feature is very important in this new age where everything is at your fingertips. This feature helps you track your parcel on either your phone or computer and updates you on the progress and the estimated time.

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4 Unique Shipments You Can Make Using Shiponk Movers And Packers

Want to send a silk saree to mom, a play-station to your little brother, ship your expensive industrial machinery or transport your bulk of manufactured goods but don’t know where to find the correct mover and packer? Use SHIPONK! It’s the perfect market place that will help you find multiple movers and packers on one single app.

SHIPONK is one such app that lets you ship anything to anywhere with multiple service-provider options. Be it a small package or a huge one, we are your go-to market place of movers and packer/ transporters for any shipment requirements.

Here are 5 such unique shipments you can make using the SHIPONK APP:


Shipping clothes is usually feared as it is a risky task. Some courier services do not ship clothes for two reasons: one that it holds the risk to be damaged and two is because it’s a tiny parcel most of the times. Not with SHIPONK. On SHIPONK you can find service providers of your requirement and pick one to ship a package of any size even if it is just a pair of socks. A safe and easy way for all your shipping requirements. We never say no because of the size.


With movers and packers found on SHIPONK you can find the right transporter to ship all your electronics. with our courier partners to ship all your electronics.  Mobile Phones, Laptops, Play Stations, Televisions;  anything can be shipped using the SHIPONK app in the easiest and hassle free manner.


Pets are a sensitive subject when it comes to relocating. With all the emotional attachments with a pet, it often becomes difficult to find a reliable transporter. On SHIPONK, there are multiple transporters and you can safely choose the one you want after being satisfied about his credentials.
It’s a fix of a situation but we have the fix!


Now that’s something of huge value and size. Transporters for shipments like these are few. It’s challenging and involves several logistics to fall into place. On SHIPONK, there are movers and packers as well as transporters who will willingly do the job of shipping your industrial goods from one place to another.

Since these goods are usually in bulk quantity and one might need to send out repeat shipments of their goods regularly, finding the right courier partner is like looking for a needle in a haystack. On SHIPONK, with several movers and packers as well as transporters bidding for your business, you can simply post your query and find a great transporter.

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Tips to Consider While Moving During the Monsoon


Heavy rains are beautiful! But when they come unexpectedly they can cause situations to become quiet chaotic. For example you have hired packers and movers, you are shifting your house and it rains cats and dogs! What would you do? Worry not! We have a few tips and precautions you should consider to make your moving experience damage free.  Keep in mind, a few of these tips may be charged at an additional cost by your packers and movers but at least they would protect your belongings.

  • Water-proof packing material

Check with your packers and movers if they are using waterproof packing material because this is going to protect your belongings from getting wet in the rain while loading and unloading. As for important documents and other valuable belongings, use plastic zip-lock bags to endure safety.

  • Avoid damp floor and accidents

Use a lot of carpets while your packers and movers are loading and unloading your luggage. When they walk inside with wet shoes they could make the house dirty and damp which could also cause somebody to slip and fall. Avoid accidents by ensuring that the floor is dry.

  • Book a closed container

Usually, open vehicles are used to carry luggage by household shifting services but these cannot work during the rainy season. Even if the day looks dry, take the precaution and ask your packers and movers for a closed body vehicle. Also make sure the truck’s floor is dry. You could use plastic sheets to double check safety and in case of any leakage, carry tape!

  • Set up a systematic assembly line

While your packers and movers and moving your belongings, ask them to set up an assembly line for quick paced moving of cartons in case of rain. An assembly line will help them do the job in a systematic and fast manner by avoiding the parcels from getting wet and damaged in the rain.

  • Patience is the key

If it is a storm, wait.  Wait for it to reduce or stop because it is very risky to get the job done in heavy rains. If the weather doesn’t show any positive progress you must postpone your plan. This decision is crucial and may cost you more money, but you and your belongings will be safe from any natural disasters that monsoons are known to bring sometimes.

  • Check your route in advance

In a lot of cities roads get clogged with water during rains and there are un-ignorable pot holes that may cause your belongings to be damaged. Check your route in advance during an intra-city move to avoid any hassle. Re-route if required.

  • Check your insurance agreement

Even though it’s unlikely, see if your insurance agreement covers any damages caused during rains. Go through the terms and conditions in advance to avoid any problems later. Be clear about all terms offered by your packers and movers and under what conditions.

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