About us


As the country and its economy grow,the entrepreneurial spirit often gets blocked due to lack of infrastructure.This couldn't be truer in the case of transport and courier services in the country.Especially the small and medium scale companies face major hurdles in conducting their business smoothly and profitably.This was also the experience of the founders of Shiponk who have interest in multiple businesses in the country .In the true entrepreneurial attitude,they decided to take this problem head on and try to figure out a solution that will help everyone.They realized that there was a clear need gap for a service that can conveniently and inexpensively offer transport solutions to business owners and individuals based on their location and needs.This is how the idea of Shiponk took birth.


Are you an established Transport company with years of trusted experience on your side? Or are you a new startup with fresh perspectives and refreshing services? Do you have really competitive prices and not enough visibility? Or do you want to build credibility? Is your company's strength speed and reliability? Or both? Most importantly, do you want to give your customer's the best shipping experience possible? If so,all shipping roads now lead to a new destination.Introducing Shiponk -India's first Transport & Shipping Aggregator app.

Designed and developed by a team of experts,this takes care of every Shipment needs and more! With its extensive choices of Shipping and transportation companies ,end -to-end Shipment services,prioritized deliveries, competitive prices,user-friendly interface and tons of other features,it's the app that lets people send anything,anywhere with just a touch of the finger.

And it's the perfect opportunity for your company to grow, gain further credential and become a favorite with a pan-india base of customers.It's your portal into a world of fair play,diversity and wide networking in the shipping industry.

So join us? Let's ship,ship,shiponk!